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The empty nest: participants needed for study

26 Apr 14:55 by admin
Tags: leaving home, empty nest

Suzi Godson, from Birkbeck University in London, is looking to talk to a small number of married women as part of her study exploring issues that affect marriage in mid-life.

The study focuses on the ‘empty nest’ stage when a couple’s children grow up, go to university, begin working, or leave home. This stage of life is thought to be important as attention often shifts away from the adult children and back onto the couple, which may highlight any shortcomings or issues in the relationship. The study aims to explore whether couples experience and manage relationship difficulties differently when not influenced by the needs of young children.

For the study, Suzi hopes to interview a number of married women, aged roughly 55-65, who have recently experienced their children reaching adulthood and perhaps leaving home. To take part, your youngest child must be over 18 years old and you must have co-parented your children with your spouse. Interviews will be carried out face-to-face at a convenient time and place of your choosing and should last around one hour.

To register interest or to find out more about this study, including details of ethical approval, please contact Suzi at:

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