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Six in ten women don’t want their partner to help with the cleaning – because they’re so bad at it!

01 Apr 11:33 by admin
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How good is your other half at household chores? A new study of 2,000 women has found that six in ten women wish their partner wouldn’t bother helping out around the house at all because they do it so badly!

Two thirds of women polled in the Karcher Window Vac survey said that they regularly have to go around and clean or tidy up after their partner has made an attempt. A suspicious four in ten women said their partner make a shoddy attempt at cleaning so they won’t be asked again in the future.

Not all women thought their partner was hopeless when it comes to household tasks – 35% of women said their other half does a ‘thorough job’ when asked to help out.

Some women are too house-proud to let their partner anywhere near a vacuum cleaner or kitchen spray – over a third say they would never want anyone else to be responsible for the cleanliness of their home.

So what are men really failing at? Take a look at the results below. Does your other half do any of these things or is he a domestic god? Let us know in the comments section.



1.     Dusting around objects instead of lifting them

2.     Wiping crumbs on the floor instead of the bin

3.     Not washing food off dishes properly

4.     Pushing rubbish further into the bin instead of emptying it

5.     Just rinsing the shower/bath instead of scrubbing it

6.     Leaving smears on windows or mirrors

7.     Putting coloured clothes in with whites

8.     Squirting bleach down the toilet instead of cleaning it

9.     Not putting recycling in the recycle bin

10.   Picking bits off the floor instead of hoovering


Read our tips for managing household chores for help and advice.

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