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Relationships could be the key to happiness

30 Oct 12:09 by admin
Tags: communication in relationships, happiness

New research suggests that good personal relationships are one of the most important factors of happiness, along with financial security and a sense of purpose in life.

The research, which comes from Deakin University in Australia, looked at over 60,000 people and found that when these three factors were present, people tended to report good levels of personal wellbeing.

The results highlighted the importance of maintaining and nurturing our relationships, showing that even people with lower income can lead happy lives when they have good personal relationships.

The great news is that this isn’t confined to romantic relationships. So if you’re currently single or not interested in a romantic relationship, you can still benefit from the happiness boost of close and supportive friends or family. 

According to the research, the ideal relationship should be one where you can share your feelings, talk about your hopes and dreams, and express your worries and secrets.

Can money buy happiness?

The study also showed that those with a household income of over AUD$100,000 (£46,500) were more likely to report higher wellbeing. You don’t need to have a lot of money to feel happy; you just need to feel in control of your spending.

The final piece of the puzzle is a sense of purpose. This could be through your job, but you can also find purpose through social activities like clubs you’re a member of, or a volunteering role.

The results seemed to show that people are generally quite resilient and that when we look after each other, we can strengthen our ability to overcome other difficulties.

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    Good article.. Thanks for it... When you meet the right person you will fall in love again. and you wouldn't understand how this is happening... Good luck to all

    Tue 14, Jun 2016 at 1:55pm