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Learning more about debt and relationships

30 May 15:35 by admin
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We are running a survey with Relate to help explore the links between debt and relationship problems. The results will feed into new support services for money advice and relationship support. We would be grateful if you could take ten minutes to complete the questionnaire.

Our debt service

In April 2017, we launched a service to help couples dealing with debt. The debt and relationships site aims to support couples by drawing attention to the relationship issues that often accompany debt, and offering tips on how to have open conversations about money problems.

The site features real couples’ voices set to short animations, and advice for people who have either been hiding debt from a partner, or are worried that a partner is hiding debt from them.

Debt and relationships

Debt is one of the most common causes of stress in relationships, yet many of the debt advisors we spoke to felt they were not equipped to provide practical relationship support, and did not know of any resources to signpost clients to.

One major recurring theme from our research with debt advisers was secrecy. Many people keep their debts a secret from their partners, which can lead to trust issues, and get in the way of finding solutions together. Secrecy is also connected to increased anxiety and low mood.

Our site aims to help couples to be more open with each other about their debts, so that they can work together to find a solution. As of May 2017, the site has received over 2,500 views and the videos have been watched over 800 times. To help support further research into couples and debt, please complete the questionnaire.

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