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Do you need to do anything for Valentine’s Day?

14 Feb 14:37 by admin
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At the CoupleConnection, we think about relationships every day so we don’t really need to put Valentine’s Day in our diary. However, it is a good opportunity for renewed focus on our own relationships. 

While the shops are full of pink and red, it can be a good reminder to show appreciation for the person that you share your bit of the world with. Over the years, we have collated many successful tips.     

Various surveys have shown that:

  • Almost a third of people in a relationship do not spend a penny on Valentine’s Day [1].
  • Many couples prefer to stay indoors and watch a film together [2].
  • You don’t have to spend a lot of money. DIY gestures such as a handmade card or a romantic walk can be just as effective and much more meaningful [1].
  • Simple gestures like making your loved one a cup of tea could be the key to maintaining a strong relationship [3].

One of our favourite campaigns involved collecting over 800 ‘Love Nuggets’ to find out what simple gestures people use to create positivity in their relationships.   The winning nuggets were:

  1. We always say ‘I love you’ with a hug and a smooch before we part.
  2. I get woken up with a cup of tea and kiss every morning.
  3. Whenever we're apart we write each other letters and emails. I save every letter, and the memories always make me smile.
  4. If my partner watches something on TV that doesn't interest me, he'll give me a massage at the same time so we still spend time together.
  5. We like to sing along to songs together every Friday afternoon.
  6. We try to talk things out and not let things build up that might be bothering us.
  7. I like it when we cancel whatever we had on that day to stay in bed.
  8. My partner and I have started 'Alphabet Dating’ – every two weeks we go on a date and do something beginning with a different letter of the alphabet.
  9. We take time to listen to each other every day, even if it's only for a few minutes.
  10. I make sure my partner gets to have some uninterrupted ‘me’ time each week because it’s really important to them.
  11. We have baths together – chat, have a drink. It's lovely.
  12. When we have heated disagreements, we try to take some time out to cool down and think about the situation from the others’ perspective.

Even if you are dodging the costly commercial side of Valentine’s Day, make a mental note to do something nice for your partner - maybe even suggest a few of these nuggets when you get home.  We would love to hear how you get on! 





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