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Are you in a distressed relationship?

26 May 15:46 by admin
Tags: relationship distress, marriage counselling

According to new research from Relate, nearly three million people across the UK – that’s one in five married or cohabiting couples – are in “distressed relationships”.

We all experience some level of conflict in our relationships from time to time. But, if the conflict has reached the stage where it’s having a negative impact on your general wellbeing, your relationship may be in distress.

According to the new study, couples whose relationships have reached this level of distress say that they feel unhappy together, regret being in the relationship, and often consider splitting up.

Being in a distressed relationship could have negative connotations for your health and may be linked to anxiety, increased blood pressure, and higher risk of heart problems.

The research showed that couples with children aged under 16 were most likely to be in distressed relationships. As many as 22% of parents with children in this age range reported major distress in their relationships.

If you are worried about the level of conflict in your relationship, you might want to try our free online courses, ‘How to Argue Better’ and ‘Changes for Me and Us’.

Read the full research report from Relate.

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