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Working Nine to Five

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Work-life balance is something we all talk about but many of us struggle to achieve.

Couples in the UK spend longer working than anywhere else in Europe, so it's easy to see why partners feel they don’t have time for each other and why many of us complain we don’t see enough of our children.

And what happens to us at work also affects the way we behave towards our partner. When we're feeling stressed out, we often take it out on those closest to us.

But we all have stressful times at work – it is normal. There are bound to be some periods when work commitments mean you have less time together as a couple than usual.

But at times like these, there may be little things you can do – sometimes simply recognising it's just a phase can help reduce stress and help you get on better.

Couples often argue when they come together at the end of a working day so it is a good idea to be aware of this.

Try and relax – often just taking 10 minutes to shower and change before you sit down with your partner can make a big difference. Rushing in, complaining about disasters at work, your missed lunch, or unreliable colleagues is not going to get your evening off to a good start, and you should remember that problems at work are not your partner’s fault.

Keep in mind that if you seem relaxed about your daily routine it's more likely that your partner will relax too. Even if you only get to see each other late in the evening it can be worth getting into the habit of sitting down and enjoying a chat before the day is over. This doesn’t have to be about anything in particular; telling each other about your day, an interesting job you’ve done or a person you’ve met may encourage your partner to start doing the same.

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