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Understanding work issues

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When we decide we want to improve our relationship we’ll begin by identifying the area of our relationship that isn’t working well or the issue that seems to cause trouble between us and our partner.

Exploring these areas and issues - what’s going on in our relationship - is the first stage in the helping process.

But if we want things to change we need to move to the next stage of the process - to get a clearer understanding of what’s really going on.

At One Plus One we have over 30 years experience of studying couple and family relationships - finding out from ordinary men and women why relationships matter to them, how their relationships work, why they sometimes go wrong, and how they coped when they did.

In starting to explore aspects of your relationship you have checked out the issue of work.

Getting the right balance between work and home life is something most couples find tricky. For parents, trying to juggle work with childcare commitments means they very little time together as a couple.

Through our work at One Plus One we have created - the relationship insights - these will help you to understand more about why the area/issue of work is concerning you at this time and how you might improve things.

The Relationship Insights will help you to understand:



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