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Student Long Distance Relationship Tips

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Featured in Microsite: Couples Living Apart

As mentioned in our Going to Uni: How it affects your relationship article, many students go abroad, or to the opposite end of the country in order to study and as a result, end up in long distance relationships.

Our parent company OnePlusOne, alongside The Student Room asked students to give their top tips for dealing with long distance relationships (LDRs). Here are the top ten:

  1. “Always stay in contact and meet up at least once a month.”  Jon, Birmingham
  2. “Get the Couple app - we use it and it's really fun ‘cause you can send sketches, videos, pictures and the thumb kiss. It's all private so only the two of you can see it so there is no fear of sending the wrong person a text or something.” Emma, Scunthorpe
  3. “Make sure that you can keep busy during the first few days after your OH has left. Have some fun things planned to help take your mind off things.” Natalie, Falmouth
  4. “If it's working then give it your all but if you've broken up once, twice or maybe even three times it's time to call it a day.” Sam, Leeds
  5. “If money is an issue, COMPROMISE! The person who did the travelling should be treated to dinner and vice versa.” Matt, London
  6. “You don't have to live in your partner's pocket to still be close to them - you can have fun doing your own thing and still be in love, and don't believe anything anyone says otherwise.” Ellen, Stockport
  7. “If you are young, don't beat yourself up that it didn't work out.” Tom, Norwich
  8. “Send handwritten letters to each other.” Lisa, Kent
  9. “Make sure that you keep talking about the difficult stuff. It's really tempting to just enjoy yourselves when you're together and avoid conflict, because you've got so little time together, but if you do that then the little problems are only going to get worse.” Joe, Banbury
  10. “Don't give up, and follow your heart regardless of what other people think of your relationship.” Sinead, Manchester

To learn more about the findings from OnePlusOne and The Student Room's research, read Is Social Media Good or Bad for Long Distance Relationships or listen to our Podcast.

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