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Coping with time apart during the summer

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When the last school term comes to an end and everyone heads off to their respective homes for the summer, many young couples find that they won’t be able to see each other until they return to their studies in the autumn.

While you’ve had plenty of experience throughout the school year spending short amounts of time away from each other for Christmas and Easter, the summer break will be the longest amount of time you and your boyfriend or girlfriend will have spent apart.

This can be an emotional time for both of you, especially if you’re going to opposite sides of the country – or if one of you is going abroad.

You may worry that your other half will meet someone new during this time or that they might cheat on you. You might also worry that you’ll be tempted to meet other people and be unfaithful yourself.

The amount of contact you have with each other may also be a cause of concern for you both. The amount of communication and the methods you use while you’re apart can be the cause of many arguments between couples.

It’s easy to focus on the negatives – but believe it or not, it’s not all bad!

The anticipation and time spent organising get-togethers during the summer, even if they are weeks apart, can be really exciting.  

Also, the experiences you gain during your time apart will open your eyes to new things, which you can then share with your partner when you are reunited. Sharing your experiences will help you learn more about each other and could give you ideas of new things to try out as a couple.

If you’re worried about how you and your partner will cope with spending time apart during the summer months, the Couple Connection has plenty of help and advice in the Reunions and staying connected while you’re apart article.

We also have a microsite dedicated to couples in long distance relationships. Visit our Couples Living Apart site now for more tips on how to keep your relationship strong while you’re apart.

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