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Being in 'Mixed' Relationships and Families

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When two people from different racial, ethnic and faith backgrounds come together to form a couple relationship, they may each bring with them different experiences, and expectations based on their cultural upbringing and background.

Internal pressures and feelings of stress within a couple are common to any relationship, particularly during times of change, such as becoming a new parent. These stresses may be more intense for ‘mixed’ couples if they also have to cope with greater outside pressures from family members and from the wider society. 

These pressures can affect how couples feel about their relationship. All relationships require strength to work through difficulties. Coming from different backgrounds and findings ways to cope with different cultures and expectations can strengthen a ‘mixed’ couple relationship. Through communication and negotiation, ‘mixed’ couples can find ways of being together that work for them.

Below you can watch clips that show what some couples say about:

  •  their relationships,
  • relationships with their extended family members,
  • and about bringing up children.


Being in a 'mixed' relationship

Family reactions

Community reactions

Indentity and a sense of belonging

For more examples of what couples say about being in a mixed relationships, click here. The case studies that follow are based on research finding and show that happy and committed families can exist in many different forms.

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