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Arguments and the Recession - Checklist for Arguing Well

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1.  Timing Matters
Is it a good time to raise an issue? Not when your partner is stressed and in a bad mood nor when they’re watching their favourite TV programme.

2. It’s not what you say it’s the way that you say it

Raise something in a negative or hostile way and you’ll get as good as you give – anger x 2!

Resist turning a complaint into an attack  – your partner will only get defensive and won’t listen to your complaint.

3. Know each other’s sensitive buttons – and don’t push them!

4. Work out what you are REALLY angry about
Outside stresses and deeper issues can be at the heart of your problem – be aware how they can drive us to pick a fight with our partner.
Why not have a look at the Relationship Insights Hidden Issues.

5. Show respect for your partner’s point of view
See where you partner is coming from even though you don’t see things the same way.

6. Learn how to change direction when the argument is going nowhere
There are little things that help to calm things down when things get heated – showing that you are listening, telling your partner you are sorry they are upset, using humour perhaps.

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  • User-anonymous GraceV Flag

    Those are nice tips ended. Thanks! it helps a lot.

    Fri 29, Apr 2011 at 5:03am