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Arguing Better

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Arguing with your partner happens – even though you may be soulmates, you won’t always agree on everything, but in the end that’s probably a good thing. There are lots of factors that can cause stress in a relationship, ranging from huge life changes like becoming a parent or changing careers, or smaller stuff like someone always leaving wet laundry in the washing machine. And research shows it’s not about never arguing ….what is important is learning how to argue ‘better’

Help is at hand

There is lots of advice and help available to parents and couples on Ranging from general communication to exercises that will help you learn new skills and manage arguments better.

 If what you’re arguing about is something like money, there are organisations that can help you with long term financial planning. A professional may be able to see solutions and alternatives that you didn’t know about, and having a third party work with you can also help keep the conversation practical and stop unhelpful arguing.

There is also a lot on that can help with stress and arguments that are triggered by money worries ……often arguments about money are about not having enough or debts. However often money conversations quickly become full blown rows because other issues really affect how we deal with money. So it’s well worth trying to understand the deeper issues and what else might be the problem. Why not take a look at the Hidden Issues relationship insight, our advice section on Money.

Two heads are better than one 

Try to work through problems together and be supportive of each other. You both need be aware of what needs to be done. In some cases, you may feel like you’re protecting your partner from stress – but actually for one person to be in the dark about what is going on whilst the other takes on all the work will inevitably lead to anger, resentment and more stress for everybody.

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